Upcycling wood into log storage

Have you seen Arada's quirky wooden crates? Like many of our British made products, each one has a story, and our showroom log crates are no exception!

Arada’s marketing team took a trip to Hurlestone Joinery in Winfrith, Dorset to find out exactly how the crates are made.. but first, the story begins at our HQ in Axminster.

See how each log crate is made in this video!

As part of Arada’s commitment to being a green and eco-friendly manufacturer, resource efficiency has been a major part of transforming the way we manufacture our stoves here in Devon. Over the past year, we have been involved in a ground-breaking research programme to find cost effective ways of improving sustainability and reducing waste.

Inspired by this, we took on the theme of recycling, by taking end-of-life distribution pallets from our warehouse which were beyond practical use and transforming them into our fun wooden crates!

Talented carpenters Ollie Hurlestone (of Hurlestone Joinery) and Jonny Oehler (of For Wood Sake) are the masters behind the creations- first dismantling the pallets at our warehouse before transporting them back to their workshop to produce them into crates. To see how they worked their magic, watch our timelapse video!

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